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28 April 2017 (1396 according to the Persian calendar) Tehran IRAN:
A spontaneous, loud chanting of “Viva Polska, Viva Polska, Viva Polska” is heard in the filled to the brim of the prestigious Vahdat Hall.
In the place reserved only for Persian, traditional and classical music or theaters so far, the concert of the Polish rock band pARTyzant takes place ….
30 years earlier, on February 11, 1987, Krzysztof Toczko, called by his buddies from the school “Partyzant”, was enchanted by the METALLICA group concert in Katowice’s “Spodek”. The band promotes their new album “Master of Puppets”. In the head of just sixteen-year-old an idea comes in: “Be a guitarist, create music and play shows …”
So far, private lessons of playing the accordion are getting boring for Krzysiek because of the necessery notes knowledge. However, less than two years later, the band DŻEM is looking for someone with this knowledge in order to write and record the album “The Band Plays On” at ZAiKS. Listening to classical music and “metal”, Partyzant meets the blues and classical rock, and more importantly, the wonderful, honest and sensitive people with Rysiek Riedel in the lead.

This friendship shapes and strengthens Krzysiek’s artistic path, results in four albums and over two hundred concerts during which the Partyzant supports DŻEM on the accordion and harmonica, and for the first time presents his own virtuoso guitar interpretations of known themes.

In the summer of 1996, his son Mikołaj comes to the world, about a dozen years later the editor of the magazine “Perkusista” Wojtek Margula was supposed to say:
“He appears as a talented and precise drummer with great potential, versatility and possibilities.”

He puts his guitar interpretations of classical, rock or film music on the YouTube / partyzgit channel, where until now they have been viewed almost 7 million times. The spectacular two-handed tapping technique allows the musician to play two guitars at the same time. One of the clips played together with his son Mikołaj, with pencil guitar drumming, was broadcasted by the American CNN station. Father and son decided to connect forces and this is how the pARTyzant duo is formed. Next to the original interpretations of known themes, there are own compositions and songs.

So far, the band has performed several hundred times and recorded two studio albums (the cover album “Guitar Cinema” 2012 and the authorial one “Kenopsja” 2017). The pARTyzant is constantly working on his sound and repertoire, and for his spiritus movens he accepts honesty, strong bond with the audience and unrestrained improvisation ….
28 April 2017 “Vahdat Hall” Tehran IRAN

… How did it happen that the Polish rock duo pARTyzant fills up twice the hall and gets the love of Persian fans? Maybe they were convinced by Joe Satriani, who in 2007 at the Music Messe in Frankfurt said about the Partyzant: “You should go and listen to this guy” …
Or maybe you will find the answer yourself at upcoming shows …

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